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Greenacres learners pose for a picture in front of the Life Flight helicopter

Greenacres hosted a career day with the Life Flight helicopter landing on our playground between 12:00 - 12:15pm on Thursday, May 16th. We also had career representatives from Law Enforcement, ICCU, the Forest Service, Pocatello Fire Department, ISU College of Technology, the ISEE STEM Center and others speaking to our students. This was a fun way for learners to discover more about their dream jobs.

Letter to Parents about Testing

Dear Greenacres Mustangs,

We are getting to the end of an excellent school year and our testing window is starting. Thank you for doing your best this year. While test scores are important for us see how we are doing, they don’t tell us the whole story. Test scores don’t show what makes our students special and unique.

Students: Test scores do not show that you are a good friend. They do not show that your smile can brighten someone else’s day. They do not show that you are good brother or sister. They do not show that despite dealing with bad circumstances, you come to school with a smile and try your best.

Tests don’t show that you can tell a really good story or that you love spending time (baking, hunting, fishing, singing, hiking) with special family members. Tests do not show that you can be trustworthy, kind, or thoughtful. Tests do not show that you try every day to be your very best.

Test scores will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything. There are many ways of being smart. You ARE smart! Keep working hard. You ARE enough! You are the light that brightens our day at school. When you see your test scores, remember that there is no way to “test” all the amazing and awesome things that make you YOU! All we ask is that you do your best on these tests.

Parents and Patrons: Please give us your feedback. Please email, call or visit with me in person. I want to work with you to resolve any concerns so that our district can be a place everyone is proud of.


Thank you,

Dr. Joel Wilson

Greenacres Elementary Principal



“Share Courage”

4-H Instructor Uses Hands on Lessons to Teach Life Skills

Utilizing the Igniting Your Spark grant, Holly, as a 4-H Program Assistant, works with the University of Idaho Extension faculty and staff to organize, schedule, and deliver important programming that aids in helping Idaho’s youth acquire knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that enhance their lives. The Igniting Your Spark Grant allows children to participate in hands-on programming that will empower them and provide them opportunities to grow, learn, and become more confident members of their communities. Holly regularly brings STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programming into the classroom through a fun robotics program that helps to teach youth problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, coding, and creativity. The Igniting Your Spark Grant also gives opportunity for Holly to bring in 4-H programming that allows for Idaho’s youth to learn important skills centered around healthy living through simple, hands-on cooking and nutrition lessons.

Jordan B. Jolley, a local author, reads his books to learners

Jordan B. Jolley from Dayton, Idaho came and visited the fifth and second grade classrooms early in February. Jordan enjoys writing book about fantasy and adventure. He has published two books, The Tales of Draco: Rise of the Dragon: Rise of the Dragon and Fables & Other Short Stories. Jordan is currently writing more novels and short stories. During his visit, he showed students how to write on a typewriter and read passages from his book. We are thankful for Jordan coming and visiting our school, inspiring our students, and showing students everyone can be a writer, all they have to do is try. 

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